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The ringers welcome you all to browse as you please and get an insight into the world of Campanology at Old Windsor. There's more than just ringing the call to prayer every Sunday morning. The bells are rung for church services, weddings, funerals when required, and any local or national festivals and celebrations.

Bell ringing is an extremely fulfilling craft, crossing all walks of life; it is lodged firmly in the history of our nation but needs more support from local dedicated people. If you’re interested please browse this site or contact us to learn more. Alternatively seek out a local tower to learn.

Saturday 19th March 2011

A Devon peal was rung to commemorate those who perished in the Japanese earthquake and tsunami. The bells were rung half-muffled.
1: Sylvia Knight
5: Bob Hudson
2: Valerie Hardman
6: Daniel knight
3: Lovaine Bunce
7: John Bauld
4: Malcolm Bunce
8: Geoff Clements
The were 256 changes rung in 35 minutes
Conducted by Daniel Knight




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